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We talked on the internet for a month after we met. I was just thinking that I would talk, but he and his family came to meet me at the airport, and I got married in two days.

I’m shocked. Indonesians are very respectful and respectful of people. I was very surprised and got married in two days. We started to learn the Indonesian language from the lady. There is a matriarchal family structure. It is possible to see the traditional life of the people in the village. You can see the beautiful Indonesian lifestyle, their homes, as well as get the opportunity to meet the locals. People are friendly and very nice. They will not hesitate to welcome you with a smiling face and explain their culture.

While visiting traditional houses in this place, which also has temples belonging to Hindus, you can also come across old new temples of various sizes. This religious belief has revealed the existence of historical temples. Traveling in this place, which is the capital city of the country, will offer a different experience and you will discover beautiful sightseeing places here as well.

The majority of Muslims live in the city, which has a population of over 8.5 million. Nowadays it is only open for tourism purposes. Some stones in the temple were dismantled by the local people to be used in house construction.

It has the distinction of being the largest single-piece temple in the world. Anyone who wants to see the magnificent phenomenon of nature should definitely stop by here.

This is the world’s largest acid lake. After a long and hard walk, you can watch the view of the lake here. It is useful to wear a mask. A mask is a must to protect from the sulfur smell. Sulfur acid is very important as it is a source of livelihood for the people living here.

Since the country is Muslim, you can see it everywhere. Indonesia hotels are not only for conservative families, but also for everyone who cares about their privacy, wants to be alone with their family, and wants to get away from crowded environments. The HalalBooking site also offers these hotels together.

You can check the stars of the hotels, see how it looks from the photos and see all the features. When it comes to what to eat in Indonesia, food made with local ingredients comes first. In particular, colorful salads and rice porridge are indispensable for every meal. There is always rice porridge on the tables. Salads made from seafood are also among the most consumed foods.

In addition, very good main courses come out with other ingredients. Local herbs and vegetables are also used in these dishes. There is always fruit on the table for breakfast. Lunch and dinner consists of dishes made with tofu, rice and other ingredients. Soups are served with the ingredients you want in front of you and you make your own soup. These local cultures come up with different facts in your meals. Indonesian food culture will surprise you. It can be called the land of the Islands. It is also known that there are more than twenty airports in the country.

You can also choose one of these airports and choose a flight according to your destination. Indonesia is a great place to travel without a visa, as it is one of the countries that do not require a visa. Indonesia has a rainy climate all the time. That’s why it is necessary to go here when the weather is better and the monsoons are not effective. The period between April and September is dry.

During this period, you can make your trip as you wish. You can choose your travel date between these months. Between October and March, uninterrupted rains welcome you.

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